Depth imitation of high replica watch insider, refused to be deceived

The latest headlines on the high imitation of the article is very dense, a lot of watches friends on the high imitation watches heart, intends to start a high imitation watches, but because of the high imitation watches is not understood, it is easy to spend high price to buy quality times Watch, Xiao Bian today as the operating watches 5 years old cannon to give you the depth of the details of the high imitation watches insider, refused to be deceived again. Insider: high imitation rolex replica watches movement varies greatly High imitation watches in order to pursue profits and the market, largely to deal with the low-end movement of the industry level, the current imitation of the movement is mainly concentrated in the low-end tens of Nanning movement, Pearl movement, Jieyang movement , Fine imitation of the quality is generally Hangzhou movement, Shanghai movement, Dandong movement, top-engraved quality of the general movement is the seagull movement, the Swiss movement and the Japanese Citizen movement. And the current top-engraved watches on the movement are beginning to carry out secondary grinding research and development, such as polished plywood, increasing the moon phase function, R & D chase seconds and other functions. Which is currently the top manufacturers of the main R & D direction, to promote the technical development of complex engraved watches. If you see the watch movement is very rough, it goes without saying that it is certainly very low-end movement, do not have to consider. ADVERTISEMENT Insider II: high imitation replica watches uk quality uneven, fish out of the blue At present, with the models of watches, manufacturers do very much, such as Rolex Dwarf, open mold custom boss no less than 10, the strength of the boss out to do better, the strength of the boss to do out on the appearance of texture in general . For example, the owner of N plant, the strength of investment, technical accumulation of precipitation, the latest water to the V7 version, basically there is no difference between genuine and. The strength of small manufacturers can only be a simple imitation of the appearance, not fine. Insider 3: high imitation rolex replica uk of the dealer home strength uneven, uneven As long as a mobile phone, a WeChat, you can do business imitation watches, and no professional training, knowledge, pictures are forwarded from the Internet, never seen a physical watch, make a lot of jokes out , Such as: timing function of the watch that is ETA2824-2 movement, ETA2824 movement is only a simple three-pin function, and some even more outrageous is more than a thousand, more than two thousand watchess that are gold or gold watches, think of gold and manual costs, to know how impossible. Large dealers select the remaining defective goods returned to the factory, the manufacturers in order to recover costs, are generally special treatment, many dealers in order to seize the market at low prices, are to get this defective products. In short, the purchase of high imitation watches must look for professional, strong business. Do not take a few hundred dollars for the offer and take the risk of the entire watches.